About UBC

About UBC

UBC Precision Bearing Manufacturing Company is a manufacturer of standard bearings for aftermarket & OEMs as well as specific design engineered bearings for special applications since year 2001. Being as a dependable brand with reliable quality and professional service at competitive prices, UBC products are the perfect alternative for customers who intend to reduce costs without compromising bearing performance.



Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical Roller Bearings are mainly used in industry sectors such as compressor, wind power, pulley of construction machinery, rolling mill, etc. UBC cylindrical roller bearings’ performance has always been superior and well trusted by our customers.

Taper Roller Bearings

UBC's taper roller bearings are widely used in compressors, pitch & yaw gearboxes of wind power, RV reducers for intelligent robot, elevators, industrial gearboxes, agricultural machinery and many more.

Spherical Roller Bearings

UBC's spherical roller bearings are widely used in coal mining machinery, metallurgical gearboxes, power plant, industrial gearboxes, cement mixers, paper industry, power transmission and other heavy industries.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

UBC's deep groove ball bearings are widely used in various applications including electric motor, pump, speed reducer, automotive, agriculture machinery and others.

Bearing Units

UBC bearing units are widely used in many industries, such as mining, metallurgy, agriculture, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, conveyor system, etc.



Address:Suite 1703, Zhongrong Plaza, 1088 South Pudong Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, 200120, P.R. China
Tel :+86-21-68781060  Fax :+86-21-64903177  Email :market@ubc-bearing.com

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